Pandeiro Repique Duo is the result of combining two of the most typical instruments of “Carioca-Soul”- the actual soul of Rio de Janeiro: pandeiro and repique, two traditional instruments of Brazilian percussion.

Bernardo Aguiar (pandeiro) and Gabriel Policarpo (repique) bring these instruments together in order to produce a sound that transcends their regional origins. The result is an amazing, limitless, and sonorous effect.

These two young percussionists from Rio de Janeiro performed their first show together in 2008, during the 15th edition of the PercPan, one of the most important percussion festivals in the world. In 2009, they officially started Pandeiro Repique Duo and began performing and giving workshops at festivals all around Brazil, Europe, and South America.

Launched in 2012, the duo’s self-titled debut album is a record of what they have been presenting on stage in Brazil and around the world. Using only pandeiros and repiques (sometimes combined with their voices), the album also features a bonus CD with the special participation of Yamandú Costa, Nicolas Krassik, Carlos Malta, Marcos Suzano, Mestre Ciça, and the Tanzanian singer Ashimba.

Bernardo and Gabriel have led workshops at various festivals and social projects, and for musical groups and music schools in South America, Africa and Europe. Such educational institutions include The Juilliard School (New York, NY), Shenandoah University (Winchester, VA), University of Arts (Philadelphia, PA), City University London (U.K.), Rytmisk Konservatorium (Copenhagen, Denmark), Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus, Denmark), Dhow Countries Music Academy (Zanzibar, Tanzania). In these workshops, they teach their musical concepts as a duet, presenting innovative approaches to playing and creating compositions.